About Us


We are lean, limber, and streamlined to ensure you’re paying for quality creative, not a bunch of overhead. We have a fat Rolodex of stellar copywriters, editors, web developers, photographers, and proofers that we enlist depending on your needs and project. Whether you need a brand refresh, updated messaging for your website, or the whole shebang—we listen, then send out the call. One size fits small.


Char Davidson, the creative maven behind Small and Mighty, has over 17 years of design experience with a focus on working with small businesses with big ideas.
You can sleep well knowing your hard-earned dollars are going directly toward harnessing knockout creative—not toward fancy conference rooms, Herman Miller chairs, or an office that looks like a modern art museum. That’s at least 80% more creativity per dollar*! Besides, we’re a bit partial to our rent-controlled, super-secret cave anyway.


We’re proud of our ability to provide big ideas for small budgets. Look around and pinpoint some of your favorite creative. Chances are it’s not for a big-box store, a huge fast food chain, or a mega corporation. More than likely, it’s for a boutique store down the road, a start-up website, or a mom & pop shop.
Small businesses generally have less decision makers and hire small, independent teams to work on their marketing materials. Believe it or not—in our humble opinion—that’s the perfect combination for amazing creative. The more layers of creative directors, CEOs, CFOs, and other various acronyms an idea has to pass through, the more diluted the idea becomes. At Small and Mighty Creative, we blow through all of those layers. The owner of our company will sit down with the owner of your company and in a small amount of time, mighty things will happen.
*Percentages May Vary