“I eagerly anticipated every new phase of our design process because it was so easy and fun. Char is punctual to the point of superpowerdom, and as an added bonus, she is hilarious. Char helped me with a logo design after I had a negative experience with a chronically overdue graphic designer that produced ideas that were just not quite right. I was surprised at Char’s very detailed schedule that was delivered at the beginning of the process. Every single date and deliverable was met. Everything was clear, she took the time to figure out what I was aiming for, gave me tons of options, and she incorporated my thoughts and alterations just right. It’s a joy and inspiration to work with someone who can communicate a clear path and follow through in a way that exceeds expectations.
Awesome work, on time, with a smile.
It’s so simple but so hard to find. I love my new logo and find myself blurting out her name to strangers who, through passive eavesdropping, I learn are looking for graphic designers.”
—Emily A., Life Outside Landscape Architecture
“Working with Char was easy and rewarding.
We needed a brand refresh and Char helped us modernize our logo, redesign our website, and create business cards and document templates—all of which we are so proud to show off! One of the best parts about working with Char was being able to tell her how we wanted the work to 'feel'—she was able to seamlessly transition our nebulous ideas into tangible design that we love. It was also a huge help that Char was able to handle everything beyond the design (programming, printing, etc) as well. Char is fun to work with while still being the consummate professional and her work is truly outstanding.”
—Christina B., Palma Co.
“If you want a designer that will help you find direction, give you an amazing product, and complete it for a reasonable price and on-time, Char is the person for you.
I found Char through a Google search, yet she completed my project with the enthusiasm and dedication of a close friend. She listened to what I wanted (truly listened!) and gave me lots of options to choose from that were all very different (traditional, elegant, contemporary, modern, retro) and all excellent. She was always timely and professional, in fact completing my project ahead of schedule. She made the process of transforming ideas into images a fun and easy one, instead of daunting and overwhelming.
Having worked with lots of designers in the past for various other projects,
Char takes the cake in terms of originality, professionalism and overall awesomeness.
I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
—Maggie K., Musician
“I get comments from very different people who when they first see the site, consistently report really liking (or loving) the look and feel.
You really hit on something with your branding for me and I'm so pleased.”
—Shelly T., Yoga Teacher Central
“Char and I have worked on multiple projects. She never fails to deliver and is a joy to work with.
She is a great listener and has the right personality to work with even most exacting requests.”
—Chidozie B., Bright Spectrum