• Client: Handmade at Amazon
    Project: Branding
    An identity for Handmade that is cute, but legible, and not too corporate.
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  • Client: White Lark
    Project: Branding
    A whimsical logo for a progressive dry cleaner.
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  • Client: Nourish Catering
    Project: Branding
    Fresh, modern brand for a new catering company that uses healthy, local ingredients.
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  • Client: Blu Sardinia
    Project: Branding
    Branding for a Redmond modern Italian restaurant with icons inspired by ancient Sardinian textiles.
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  • Client: Sassafras
    Project: Logo design
    Identity for a women’s clothing retail shop that sells locally designed clothing, in addition to vintage fashion and alterations.
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  • Client: Udders Mozzarella Company
    Project: Logo design
    Logo design for a mozzarella cheese maker.
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  • Client: GreyZone
    Project: Branding
    An identity for patient-centered healthcare advocates. The icon is a subtle heart as well as a medical cross and band aid.
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  • Client: Moving Messages
    Project: Logo design
    Identity for a company that encourages expressions of appreciation through consultation and custom designed pop-up greeting cards.
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  • Client: Life Outside Landscape Architecture
    Project: Logo design
    Logo for a landscape designer that presents initial concepts as rough and “dirty” sketches.
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  • Client: Mamma Melina
    Project: Logo design
    A logo refresh for a hip, modern Italian ristorante with traditional Italian fare.
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  • Client: Gash Wedding Photography
    Project: Logo design
    A rebrand for a Seattle-based wedding photographer duo. If you look at it just right, you might see a heart.
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