Identity Process

Looks Good, but How Does it Work?

The identity process explained in nine easy peasy steps:

30-Minute Complimentary Consultation

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The process begins with the owner of your company sitting down with the owner of our company to talk about the needs and goals of the business.


After the initial meeting, you will be sent a formal estimate with each milestone line-itemed out so you will know exactly what to expect financially and on deliverables.

Homework (also known as “The Creative Brief”)

Your identity needs to reflect you and your business as well as appeal to your audience. The creative brief helps identify your target audience, allows you to give props to the people you think are doing things right, and helps you hone in on how your brand will be distinctive.


This step is never overlooked. We sit down with actual paper and a pencil (pen if we’re feeling dangerous) and spend some quality time sketching concepts.

Round 1: Concepts in Black
and White

The initial round of concepts is generally presented digitally and will offer you 5-7 logo options in black and white.

Revision Rounds

Here’s where we narrow down options and make edits, if necessary.


Once the black and white logo has been finalized, it’s time to add some color! You’ll have various colors and color combinations to choose from.

Revision Rounds
on Color Options

Maybe that orange is a little too bright? Or, perhaps you want to color match your logo to your favorite pair of pants? Here is where we tweak the color palette to get the perfect fit for your business.

Hand Off of Logo Pack and Color Palette

We want to set you up for success by providing your fresh, new logo in black and white and in color (in small sizes and mighty-sized options, naturally). We also provide you with a detailed color palette chart that specifies your custom-mixed colors for various uses.
Typical timeline: 28 working days.
We have great packages starting at $1800