Start Small.

Think Big.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, they say. Well we say, WRONG! That small stuff is where the magic happens. In the wee hours, and the tiny details. Beautiful design fills the space between pencil and pixel, between head scratching nugget and head nodding execution – allowing great ideas to grow into something bigger, grander than ever thought possible.

See, at Small & Mighty Creative we punch well above our weight, and deftly heft projects both bulky and svelte, turning big thinking into powerful – and powerfully effective – design. With custom-built teams of copywriters, photographers, developers, illustrators, whatever your project needs, you’ll find big answers with Small & Mighty.


at any size.

So, we’ve talked about one half our nomenclatural dichotomy, but what about the other? What about the Mighty part? Well, that’s where the fun happens. See, we work in small teams but what we do is anything but. Always ready to bulk up and add muscle to any project, constantly on the hunt for opportunities to bring more brawn to our brains, Small & Mighty is ready to power through. So, what do we do? Heck what DON’T we do! Well ok. We don’t do HVAC repair. And we’re still a little fuzzy on the specifics of quantum particle entanglement. But when it comes to design, we pretty much do it all! Just check out this list!

  • Branding
  • Annual Reports
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Digital Templates
  • Infographics
  • Packaging
  • Postcards
  • PowerPoints
  • Market Research
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Social Media Imagery
  • Trade Show Collateral
  • Web Banners
  • Websites
  • Website Copy
  • Pitch Decks
  • Hand written letters to your grandma

These are the​


who put the power in creativity.

(Ok, that word doesn’t have Power in it, but if it did, we’d put it in there.)

Char Davidson
Creative Director

Char Davidson

The ship steerer, the creative director, the person you'll probably talk to the most.
Anita Veen portrait
Production Designer

Anita Veen

Creative Suite Master. Microsoft Office slayer. The brains.
Christina Perrin portrait
Market Research

Christina Perrin

The stats. The proof behind the pudding. The success maker.
Boris Etchin behind his laptop

Boris Etchin

Boris feels more comfortable behind a screen than in front of a camera. He makes all the pixels work.

Peek at our


Pith and Peel

The Bush School Experience Magazine

Experience Magazine

The American Guild of Organists way finding sign for conference.

American Guild of Organists

The Bush School Seattle neighborhood map

The Bush School

Top Pot Doughnuts Website

Top Pot Doughnuts

Nurse Disrupted Logo

Nurse Disrupted

Mama Bar Protein Bar

Mama Bar

Launch Learning Website

Launch Learning


here's some

Heavy Hitters

We’ve been able to move mountains for a bunch of companies. 

Big Plans?

Drop us a little note, and let’s get some mighty creative going. Together.​


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